Nokta - Cengiz group court case
Folks I think the timelines are totally against any actions but I would happy to be proven wrong, my dealings with Nokta and Cengiz cost me approx. €45K and I count myself lucky it could easily have been about €130K
Thank you any way for your response Neutral. Just the acknowledgement is encouraging in itself, as I was beginning to think no one cares no longer.

Not too sure what, or if the "Statute of Limitation" are in Turkey. However I would have thought that as those, (or at least in my case) aggrieved parties had made complaints, commenced some formal procedures be it via police or lawyers previously, then there is a credible case to be argued. Or I might be wrong.
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Nokta - Cengiz group court case
There must be a lot of buyers out there who fell victim to this company and their fraud and as already said countless lives have been ruined, I totally understand the stress involved having gone through so much hassle myself. Back in 2008 another company appeared on the scene with remarkable similar properties for sale as Nokta they were trading as EstateMar and were located in Nokta's former head office. I had quite a lot of emails with this company but to no successful conclusion.
Lets keep talking on this major issue if it helps.
Nokta - Cengiz group court case
Yes that's correct Estemar were indeed a company owned or operated by Cengiz Altinbascan. But I think they didn't stay round for too long.

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