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no water again
Our apartment is without water again does anyone know if there is a problem with the water around the univercity area ,the caretaker on our site does not speak any english ,so my daughter cant get any answers from him regarding the water ,she spoke to someone in altinkum tonight who said she had to take a bus to beladeri dont know if spelt right and if she paid some more money they would give her more water if anyone can help i would be grateful .Thanks


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no water again
You need to contact the builder or company who look after your property to see what the problem is, maybe your water is disconnected due to non payment of bills or was never transferred to you in the 1st place.


no water again
Suggest you email/phone the builder - we have just had someone come back and they said they had no problem.
If you have any news let us know.
I am going to email builder myself to check.


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no water again
We are across the bay from Akbuk and the water was only trickling into our tank this morning, it then stopped completely and although it is not at full flow now, it is coming through.

So maybe there is a water problem in the area?

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