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No-nem - caddesi 23B?
Hello No-nem,
have been walking Atatürk caddesi up and down for several time, but couldn't find 23B, because actually 23B should be on the seafront and there isn't much upon there
Suppose you are not really situated in Kuşadası itself ?

Anyway, the caddesi is a nice road to do, and I ended up by buying my own cup of çay


No-nem - caddesi 23B?
Poor No-nem has been having sleepless nights, Sparrow, so that could explain the mix-up over the address. Pity you didn't have a whistle with you..........a few short toots would have brought him running! :lol:


No-nem - caddesi 23B?
The reason you didn't find us was because we are on Ataturk Caddesi (Aydin/Germencik rd.) and it sounds as though you were on Ataturk Boulvari (sea front). Go up to the big roundabout at top of town (davutlar/Izmir rd) and walk straight over 100 yds. up on left hand side. If it was the weekend we would have been closed anyway, as we work 5 day week!! None of this Turkish slavery. Sorry you had to buy your own çay as I would have sold you a cup cheaper LOL !!!!!!
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