No More Water Tank Deliveries???
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I have just received this email from my site Manager in Koyunbaba advising Government has banned sites from buying water by Tank.

"This is to inform you that we have a real strange problem at the moment and I don't know when it will be solved.
A few days ago the government in Ankara has forbidden that sites can buy water by tank.
As many sites in Koyunbaba are not connected to the water system of the municipality we are running out of water.
This morning we (maybe 10 managers of sites around here) went to the municipality in Gumusluk to complain. We have to go again and we will go to the governor in Bodrum within a few days.
I hope that we can work this out. "

Has anyone else heard this?



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No More Water Tank Deliveries???
The 1 lira self filling water stations here in Bodrum were closed over 1 month ago.The Belediye came & shut them all in one day.The reason given was on health grounds,that water could no longer be dispensed from hoses into your own open 19 litre bottle.
Now,some have reopened,& they have the same sealed 19litre water bottles as delivered to your door for 4//5/6/7 tl , they rip off the tops & pour the water into your bottle...all for 1.5tl.
There are water lorries still going about in Bodrum as many hotels ,like the Marmara are not on mains water & use them.


No More Water Tank Deliveries???
Over the last two years or so the water authorities have been building some huge concrete water cisterns around the peninsular some twenty five at the last count. It could well be that your water supplies will come from these as an alternative to your current arrangement.


No More Water Tank Deliveries???
When we bought our house one of the disadvantages was that water came from a spring or by tractor at 50TL per load

The spring dried up about 5 years ago so the belediye rebuilt the cesme in the village and the fire brigade came and filled it twice a week and the villagers collected it from there.

Two years ago they drilled a bore hole for the village and pump the water to a distribution tank where it is fed to all 8 houses! Prior to this I was going to have a well drilled for myself but was told this not possible as the authorities were concened about the depletion of the water table due to the number of bore holes operating and I would not get a licence! However it seems a word from my neighbour the hotel owner did the trick at no cost to us.

It seems that all of he new pipework on the airport road is to make more use of the reservoir (at Mumcular?) and cut down depletion from bore holes.



No More Water Tank Deliveries???
this is the msg from our site ..............................................
Regarding the water supply issue I have the information please do not worry
as it is not that much serious.

The municipality is planning to provide drinking water to whole peninsula
and would like to ban the tanker circulation as they cause noise and

This project is on their agenda and the piping system completed.The water is
going to come from Milas to Bodrum.The system is ready but the connection
has not been made yet.


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No More Water Tank Deliveries???
The new water supply comes into Bodrum right in front of our house.The new pipes were laid in Jan. last year.When it went 'live' on March 1st we were told that the well we have on our site was being locked by the Belediye & we HAD to join the Belediye water club.The cost was around 500tl to include a new swipe card meter.
Our monthly water bill rose from around 14tl to 29tl.Not through extra water use,purely a price hike per ton.We were also informed that by August 2011 the pipes would be sufficiently washed out that the water would be fit for drinking.Dream on !!!! as of today it's still full of minerals & tastes foul & still furs up kettles.So now we still need to buy our drinking water in the 19 litre bottles & pay much more for our tap water which is of no better quality than before when we had our well.
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