I miss you Pebble
No Flies on Him!
He will be doing Bruce Lee type movies next where he catches them with chop

Biker Bob


No Flies on Him!
absolutely disgraceful unprovoked attack by the imperialist US on defenceless fly population

(that ones just for you Superbogs!)


No Flies on Him!
So, he killed a living thing !
What will various focus groups/religions make of that then?


Postless Pointer
No Flies on Him!
I wonder how many of you have looked at the wider picture, i see this as a clear warning to the " Great Leader " Kim Il Sung, to me it says :

To you North Koreans this is a substantial meal, to us Imperialist lackey, running dogs, that inhabit a delusional reality, it is merely an irritant, i brush it off off the back of my hand, and any more beligerence from you shorty, that is what you get.

However i could be completely mis reading the true inportance of a seemingly trivial incident.

Lost again, Steve.

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