Days On The Beach in Side
No Concerts in True Amphitheatres Now
I went to the REAL Aspendos Amphitheatre to see Giselle a few months ago - but never agaın!!!!!! Sadly both the Side and Aspendos REAL old amphitheatres will not be used again for concerts. There were too many people and too many old stones crumbling. Thats why for the first time in Side this year we had the FREE Festival for a week by Apollo Temple with various pop and classical music concerts. Aspendos has built a brand new amphitheatre just last year called GLORIA ASPENDOS and that is currently where all programmes are being held. Fire of Anatolia is now on a Tuesday evening and Troy on a Friday night. İt is being marketed by the tour guides as ASPENDOS AMPHITHEATRE but - be warned - it is NEW ! Although the 2 performances are both outstanding and of course the acoustics and sitting under the stars at night is still a super evening out. All the Side operators do it from all nearby hotels and apts for about uk pounds 35. :crying:

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