Nicosia - honesty prevails
I'd like to share this little story about honesty.

Whilst visiting Nicosia in Cyprus only a few years ago. My mother and I had a drink in a small cafe. I was looking for the owner as not to leave the money on the table.
He kindly told me no one steals here. What the people don't have they do without.
They don't take anything of anyone elses.
You can leave your window open at night.
Nicosia - honesty prevails

Not sure if it was the North (Turkish) or South (Greek) side of Nicosia but I'm sure they both have the same problem.
We lived in Kyrenia (Girne) twenty minutes from Nicosia (Lefkosa) and there were lots of burglaries there. They burgled everyone-Turkish, Cypriots and British alike.
The Turkish-Cypriots always blamed the mainland Turks but a few Brits were caught burgling houses too.

Sadly it's the way of the world these days.


Sunny Seasider

Life is so precious
Nicosia - honesty prevails
The memory of how it used to be here in England is not that far back. My grandma never had her door closed during the summer months, all the neighbours looked after each other, and even on winter evenings, until she went to bed her door was closed, but never locked. My, how times have changed, we are very lucky in our village, but still wouldn't take any chances.

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