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Been given details of your site as a good place to look for property & general info while in Fethiye, got back to UK yesterday & guess what it's cold & cloudy here!!!, anyway I'm looking to rent a 1 bed property in the Fethiye area, & wonder if some one could point me in the right direction?

looking to stay initially 4 or 5 weeks & with a view to stay for 6 mths will prob need to return home then before moving out on a permanent or semi-permanent basis

would be grateful for any advice/links



Hi Paul. elcome to the Forum. I hope you enjoy your time on here. There is a Fethiye sub forum on here ,which may be useful for specific info. I'm sure someone from that area will be along to say hello. Pete


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Welcome to the forum Paul. Might be a good idea to post a topic with a relevant title in the right forum to get the most responses to your questions.
This is the right forum for introducing yourself though. Hope you find out all things you want to know.


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Greetings & good luck. I always recommend TLF to anyone I get chatting to in Turkey as it has been invaluable for me. Carol

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