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New Year Resolutions
.. i made a new years resulution about 30 years ago(not to make a new years resolution)..and i have stuck to it...:gulme:


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New Year Resolutions
Let's all collectively make another one, keep it to yourself.



New Year Resolutions
well as so many people had already wished each other "Happy New Year" I thought I would share my New Year Resolutions

1. Tame the Bulge - In an attempt to develop a leaner meaner me i am going to exercise more and walk to work every morning instead of taking a taxi

2. Enjoy Life More - a hectic worklife often leads to fewer opportunities for leisure activities. I intend to make the most of those thatI have

3. Get Organised - both at home and at work, this is the key to getting time to enjoy my self

4 Help Others - I intend to try to me more positive in my postings so that they are more easily understood as being helpful

What about you? waht are you going to resolve to do differently or better in 2010?

WOW - no sooner had I posted that, it moved !!
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New Year Resolutions
(1)To hand in my notice to retire next week(early retirement I might add).
(2)not to upset Phillip,too much.
I'll be happy to achieve at least one of them.:77wu::77wu:


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New Year Resolutions
I've decided to quit cigarettes and masturbation, 'cos I'm a 30 a day man - I smoke too much as well.....:gulme:


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New Year Resolutions
These are my forum resolutions:-

Read and digest instructions from our hard working Moderators

Don't do back to back posts

Try harder to include humour in some of my posts

Become less addicted, discipline myself, lol.

And for my life ones, just continue to be me. I am what I am, lol.
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