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,Hello folks
My name is Derek Giles I live in St Neots Retired but do a couple of voluntry job whilst not sunning it up in Akbuk. Stay here with the present Mrs Giles as long as pennies and visa will let us and absoluty LOVE it.
Now somthing about Forums.
My experience about local forums (IE St Neots) means that people hide behind ridiculous names some making downright insulting remarks with out the fear of any retribution. ( see my second post on this Forum)
So I was wrong about this Forum
Since leaping in both feet first I now find there has been an abundance of positive help and advice about the particular problem that I need to sort out about Tapus etc
Put my feet first approach down to the impatience of youth or that I am a grumpy old g*t. Whatever.

I will say that the fact this forum has the facilty for sending personal messages is a new one for me but extremly helpful.

So a big SORRY to all those that I have upset especially BTN and the delay in this intro.
The reason for this is that I thought I had done it

There that's old age for you !

Thanks to all the positive advice already given
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Welcome to the forum Derek and like you say it is a very informative one. Well done for apologising if you think you needed to. You can pretty much discuss anything you want on here as long as it is within the rules i.e. non personal. Enjoy


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A big warm welcome to the forum Derek.You will fit in well,because there are quite a few grumpy ol' gits here having one of those seniour moments.One of them being me.
l understand why you have your doubts on the one's that hide behind a user name,since there are forums out there where others will just give out false info and express themselves in a way just to wind people up,l think they get a kick out of making people's lives a misery.

Here is the total opposite where we all like to help each other if we can.To find out if the person is genuine is building up a personality here,which does take time.And also going to the profile.

Remember Derek,we are here to help.Maybe we can that drink after all.

Here is a link to the reason why we have given ourselves user names



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Hi Derek and welcome to the Forum, good for you clearing the slate and introducing yourself with an apology as Martyn says if you feel the need to. From your chat I think that was a wise decision and hopefully BTN will accept, he probably will as he is really a nice guy and does have some very valid things to say. I always think, least said soonest mended and I generally make a point of thinking, and then thinking again before saying and writing things, however the one who never made a mistake, never made anything. So with the slate clean you will enjoy this little spot to share and hear the viewpoints on Turkey and Turkish living, as before, enjoy and look forward to your posts, take care.
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Welcome to the forum Derek, sure you'll not be needing to apologise at all. My Avatar is how I perceive myself, hahaha, but most know I'm Lesley (the addict to TLF, LOL). BTN, is a very genuine, honest upstanding member (well, IMHO he is), so I'm sure that you have made a good friend here already. Enjoy.



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Welcome! I too am new to forums in general and still don't know if I am doing it right! We have just bought near Belek, on the Nirvana site - Augustus, not familiar with the various areas in Turkey, just know that not many members of this forum seem to be from the Belek area, we are actually just near Tasagil.
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Welcome Derek Giles,

Andrew and Mary here.

We don't have a user name for one very simple reason......I have enough trouble trying to remember the damn password...add to that having to remember a user name and I would quite frankly be b*****ed to quote Hugh Grant. Odd though that I can remember useless stuff like quotes from chick flicks......ah well.

Like your self, when we are not enjoying Akbuk sunshine we too reside in not so sunny Cambs, just down the road from you in fact in Peterborough.

Welcome to the forum. It is a great place where you can find information, help and advice, some very good laughs and even some sad bits. All in one place. It can be addictive but it is a great place to visit and join in. Welcome again,



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Hi Derek,
welcome to the forum, I've only just joined this week and have found everyone to be helpful and friendly. I too, have got totally addicted to the site - so happy chatting!!

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