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Hi my name is angelcakes1127 and have just signed up, as my husband and I are thinking of going to Akbuk later on,never beento Turkey before usually Tunisia and Crete.
I was wanting any info, as to where do we fly into etc etc any help would be appreciated
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Try to get a flight to Bodrum,or Izmir.If you book a package holiday,transfers are generally included.If flight only,then theres several companies who do transfers-gordian being a reliable one.
Have a lovely holiday


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Hi Angelcakes, welcome to the Forum, I think you will enjoy Turkey for a holiday.
Use the forum to get lots of info on travel, accomodation and places to visit, take your time and go through the threads and you will be surprised at what you find, this forum is a mine of information and plan your trip and thoroughly enjoy. We stay in Altinkum but there are many places worthy of a visit. Enjoy!!!


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Hello I live in Akbuk if I can be of any help to you please let me know.

Im only too happy to be able to give you any info etc about the place.

Hugs Maggie xxxx
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Hello and welcome to the forum, I always thought Greece was the best place to holiday untill my first time in Turkey, I'm sure you will love it.


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Welcome to the Forum,

Lots of info here for you. Try the search facility.



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Hi there we also live in Akbuk, it's heaven on earth our own little Matrix lol, Akbuk is very quiet and tranquil more for us older ones depending on what age you both are. Altinkum which is more lively and more touristy is only 20 minutes away so you have the best of both worlds if you wish. Happy hunting any problems just give us a pm.

Good Luck and enjoy

Anne & Martyn


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Hi angelcakes, welcome, Turkey has so many things to commend itself for, unfortunately the beer is crap. Imported alcohol is expensive too.
Regards, Steve.

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