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Hi all

I am a mother to 4 aged B22-B21-G17-G14 and grandmother to a 2 year old girl.
i am married this year 24 yrs.
we currently own a house in south yorkshire and have just about got our apartment in Tasyaka built ( bought off plan )
so we plan to holiday there and rent for a few years with the veiw to moving on a permanent basis.
I currently work form home on my computer and hubby is in to hgv breakdown and repairs.

I hope to be able to tap all you wonderful people for so much info over time and hopefully will one day be in the position to return the favour ..

Nice to meet you all



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Welcome to the forum

What a lovelley intro.

I hope you will enjoy your time spent on here .

If we can help you in any way just ask.

Hugs Maggie xxxxx


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Welcome to the forum - where in Tasyaka is your apartment - we also have an apartment there and are going there this evening for a week - yippee!!!!



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A big welcome to TLF - we are a friendly bunch ( well mostly lol )
I am sure you will gain lots of info here


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Hi Crystalclear, welcome to TLF. Hope you and your family enjoy your place and have lots of lovely holidays and memories. Regards, Carol x:D

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