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Life is so precious
New pictures of Mary
Brilliant pictures Bob and Semra, my favourite is the one with dinner all over her face too, all happy and contented.


New pictures of Mary
I cant believe it - eight months old, and what a beauty! So glad to see a happy healthy girl there Bob, all praise to Semra and you.


Nadine in disguise
New pictures of Mary
Yes, lovely to see her so healthy and smiling and happy
I love the woolen dress with the little bells on it, never saw anything like that overhere...


I miss you Pebble
New pictures of Mary
Thanks to all. We are having the time of our lives with her. She is so funny now and when she starts laughing really hard, I just about piss my pants laughing with her. Thank God I didn't miss out on this experience.

Biker Bob

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