new people ın gumusluk
We had a lady ın the pansıyon today she was french and was askıng ıf there was any where she could go for ınfo on Gumusluk, we gave her some ınfo and told her to go to the belediye offıce as they were to set somethıng up,only to be told ıt was not ready as yet,the girl at the desk only spoke turkısh.

That ıs what we need around here a good ınformatıon centre as we were told there would be by the new mayor before he was elected, I dıd not thınk there were so many new and not so new people from all over livıng ın or havıng holıday homes ın Gumusluk,I wıll be goıng to see a frıend who works for the beledıye tomorrow to she what she can do or fınd out...Jım
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new people ın gumusluk
Thanks guys gave both those sites out,it is just some people dont have there lap tops on hols or dont have wifi (though they can use ours)
give me a buzz rob a day before if you are looking ribs and will see what we can do for you!!...Jim

Will do Jim, Sun at 7.30 table for 5, 2 ribs if you can, others off the menu.
Will ring u later to confirm.
new people ın gumusluk
Yes the belediye is the village council office,its in the middle of the village on the right hand side, you will see the flags out side, no information office there as yet.

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