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New Members - Please Read
The TLF Team would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and give new members a little advice on how to get the best from their membership of the forum.

The TLF Team currently consists of 5 Moderators, Gail, Jcrian, Andy Chapman, Martyn and KKOB. The forum is owned and Administered by Mushtaq.

When starting new threads, check that you are posting in the thread that is most relevant to the topic that you wish to discuss.

Each month there's a Joke Thread and any Clean Jokes that you wish to add to it should be posted in that thread and not in the Cafe or Home pages. If the joke could be regarded as "risque" or in anyway contentious, you should post it in the Back Room, or perhaps NOT post it at all.

If you want to pose a direct question or a reply to a particular member, PM them or use Jen's Chat Room to chat in real time. The Chat Room is named in honour of Jen, who used the name Mad Turkish Cow on the forum. Jen died suddenly in January 2007 and is sorely missed by many of her "cyber friends" on the forum for her wit and forthright advice.

If you've posted something and get a reply that you consider childish, stupid, sarcastic or in anyway irrelevant, use the "Report Post" facility. All members of the Admin Team receive a copy of the complaint and there's usually one of us online to act on it within a few minutes. Don't, under any circumstances get into arguments or trade insults with other members on the open forum. You could find that if you do, your membership will be revoked.

Please avoid making "Back To Back" posts. If you want to add to a post that you've just made , use the "Edit" facility. If you want to reply to more than 1 comment by other members and want to quote part or all of it in your reply, use the "+" facility.

Please take a few minutes to read the Forum Rules and FAQs and, if you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us for help.

The TLF Team
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