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my name is caroline, i am in love with a very, lovely, honest, caring, and yes ROMANTIK turkish man, been together now for 8 months, both have children, they live with him, and mine live with me. Hoping to be together in Turkey one day..xx cas xx


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Thread carefully..............but i wish you luck for the future..........from reading others adventures in love,few have happy endings,welcome to our forum and enjoy!


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Hi Caroline, welcome to the Forum, hope you enjoy.
Do you live in Turkey or UK ? Just you say you have been together for 8 months, do you mean in a relationship for 8 months ? Then say his kiddies live with him and yours with you. Do you mean his live with him in Turkey and yours with you in UK, therefore hoping to be living altogether you, him and both sets of kiddies in Turkey one day.
Sorry don't mean to be nosey or confuse things, I am a bit dizzy today !!! Just trying to build up a picture of things. Lovely he is romantic, how exciting!!
It must be hard for him bringing up kiddies on his own.
Hope you realise your dream of all living happily in Turkey together - which part of Turkey do you visit ?
When in Turkey I stay in Altinkum.
Lots of relationships are very successful but don't rush things with little un's to consider. I hope it all works out for you.
Look forward to your posts.
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Hi and welcome to the forum,,,i live in Yalikavak,,which is near Bodrum. I have friends who are married to Turkish men and they are very happy,,,so it can work,,,sadly we all to often hear about the ones that don't work......but i suppose happy stories don't sell magazines as much as horror ones,,,,,,

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Welcome to the forum Cas and hope you enjoy sharing your experiences here. Which part of Turkey does your partner live? we stay near Yalikavak in the Bodrum area in our holiday home. I too hope this works out for you, we have Enfglish friends whose marriages are long lasting and happy, it is a difficult situation when you're both brininging up children on your own, so for that I hope that you do get to live to-gether and all the children are happy together. All my good wishes to you all.


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A big welcome to you Cas, hope you enjoy the forum, there are a lot of interesting post and threads.. and people!
I met my Turkish husband first 25 years ago this month.. ( yikes_ where did time go!) - cross cultural relationships take work, hope it all works for you.!

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