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hello tlf i am new to this and not very fast at typing i have been looking at good advice on forum for a while and some funny things i may know a lot of people by sight but not by name i have apartment in yali have been coming for 4 years i back 22 may it is my santuary i was there at easter for 2 wks best place in the world thank you raine

Sunny Seasider

Life is so precious
new member merhaba
Hi Raine, welcome to TLF, hope you'll meet many of us Yalikavak peops in person too, you probabaly know me by sight, I'm usually the one falling down after too many Raki and Vodka Sour Cherry's, lol. Yes we too love Yalikavak it's a very special place and hope it remains so.



new member merhaba
Welcome Raine to TLF - maybe we have met ? but if not please pop in for a cuppa and a natter - Cheers
new member merhaba
Hello and welcome Raine, we also have a place in Yalikavak, unlike sunny seasider I don't usually fall down I fall asleep!

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