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Hello everyone. my name is Anthony and joined this site yesterday. Its like a whole new world reading all the threads and posts, it seems everyone knows everyone else. Fantastic, and I will try to play within the rules with this introduction.

From the UK and been to Turkey this year after becoming interested earlier this year in the possibility of buying a small property for holidays for me and family. But you read one thing then another and then another then the horror stories and then the great tips and advise I have obtained along the way including many useful ones from here. Almost put me off.!!

So I have up to and aroubd £30k to spend and looking for clean modern Villa (some do exist) or apartment, prefer furnished so can move straight away. Would consider one or more beds and anywhere on the Aegean or Med coastal areas. As you all know there are thousands of properties available with agents but going back to the stories I sense there are a lot of trustworthy UK people on here with resale properties.

Yes I am looking for a bargain but I do have the funds waiting if anyone wants or needs a quick sale and can move on it quickly.

Thanks everyone

By the way I have just found out you can PM me . So anyone interested can do this.

Thanks again
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New member looking for a property
Hi and welcome.!!!!I hope you will find a nice property that is suitable for you.
Take your time,browse about cover all areas if you can and Im sure you wont be dissapointed.

Hugs Maggie xxx


New member looking for a property
Welcome to the forum. You're in a good position to buy but have a good read and learn from others misfortunes. Good luck.:smile:


New member looking for a property
Welcome to the forum, you will be able to gleam a ton of information. and its the prefect time to get a bargain.
I think you should take advantage of the people at Crescent homes, if nothing else, Kym will steer you in the right direction.

Have fun in the forum and in Turkey.


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Hiya Anthony and welcome , good luck in your search for a place. weve bought in Akbuk (or should say near there ) and look forward to retireing in around 5 yrs time , there are some bargins to be had but dont rush into anything , im sure you already know that anyway .
We like the Agean coast as it usually has a nice breeze most of the year which makes the heat more bearable ... mind it can get cold an windy in the winter months .... Altinkum and Akbuk are still up and coming areas so property is still at a good price , and there are big plans for the area , have a read of "Voices " altinkum on line news paper it lets you know all thats going on ,, all the best Karen & Dave :cheer2:
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New member looking for a property
Hi Anthony - Welcome to the Forum!
Hope you find the villa/apartment you are looking for.
Its such a beautiful country for holidays and living in.

New member looking for a property
Thanks for the welcome and encouragement. Yes I knew there were a some British living out there but i didnt realise how many. And with this forum it seems to keep everyone in touch. So for me, when I buy and if I like it, I would certainly upgrade later to live out there as I love what I saw when I was there for the first time this year.

Ms Who

aka Kym Ciftci
New member looking for a property
Hey JRS,

Good luck with your search :)

I Know of a few around at the minute resales and new. In particular, Angela from this forum is selling her 2 bed in Hunters Valley and Higgy with an apartment in Mavisehir.
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New member looking for a property
Hi Everyone,
Is it worth me placing a wanted Ad in the members for sale section?? Is this allowed?? If so how do you do it?



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New member looking for a property
Greetings Johnny and a big welcome to a wealth of helpful information.
Remember one thing when out property hunting,never squill about how much you have to spend while out in the town.You will most likely see the vultures flying around you trying to manipulate your mind,only in their favour and not yours.
Take your time please.This so important,because it will only take a stroke of a pen to purchase a nightmare,if you do not do your searches first.
You are the one in power,no one else and you call the shots.Don't let them groom your mind.
Look at the resales only.Forget the new builds and offplans,they have a often been plagued with ongoing problems.
Look in the shop windows and the local news paper for houses that are for sale.
And always go for several opinions and weigh the lot up at the end and sieve through the unwanted and keep the wanted.
Good luck..P.S Crescent homes has a good honourable reputation
New member looking for a property
Hello and welcome to the forum.

Just remember everyone likes the part of Turkey they live in the best, so don't be swayed by other peoples opinions.

Take your time and visit different areas to get a feel of the place and the properties available.

Good luck with your property hunting.



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Hi jonnyrockstuff, there is i think a two bedroom apartment with swimming pool in Dalaman going for £32000. It is roughly 2 or 3 yrs old and the person who owns it is British.There are 4 or 6 apartments in the building with one main swimming pool. The British chap owns 3 apartments and wants to sell one.He is retired and lives in one of the apartments. The apartment is at the meadowside in Dalaman. I have a semi-detached villa round the corner.His name is Menzis or mingus i call him. You will fall in love with the apartment, and Mingus is a really friendly and nice chap.
New member looking for a property
Thanks Niyaz,

So do you have a link to the apartment or do you know if he is definately selling it?? I cannot find out any info at the moment.



New member looking for a property
I have a beautiful fully furnished two large bed apartment with separate kitchen with every conceivable extra for sale on small complex with pools and 24hr security in Altinkum if you are interested but it is £38,000 if you are interested, near to town centre. This apartment has been reduced but I just thought I would mention it. Full tapu and all paperwork. Just move in with your clothes!
New member looking for a property
I appreciate the offer thanks. But I am going to have to be strict and resist the temptation to even ask you about it. to be honest it sounds great. Small cosy complex, all the extras, ready to move... and of course Tapu.

But its over budget... Thanks again


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PaddıngtonBear above has gıven you the very best advıce here Anthony - DONT RUSH IT !! Come to Turkey and vısıt all the areas around before you buy anythıng at all. All over Turkey now there are amazıng bargaıns to be had - but thınk of the area - the clımate - the dıstance from the aırport - whether you want to be wıth a lot of Brıts - or Turks? eg İstanbul ıs a 14-hour drive from Side and has a totally different clımate there. Often rich Turks from İstanbul buy 2nd properties here in Side as we have 300 days of sunshine. They do not. The climate in Altinkum + Bodrum + Marmaris area also has a different climate. İ went all down the coast from İstanbul before İ discovered Side and thats where İ lost my heart to the place and finally made a purchase. Everyone here will say their place in TUrkey is the best- but what is right for one may not be right for another. İ suggest you just come for a few weeks holıday and discover the whole of Turkey as best you can and THEN make your purchase ...

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