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Hi everybody

I am sure everybody knows where is Finike, but in case someone would not, it is a little town 120 km from Antalya and 60 km from Kas, famous in Turkey for its oranges groves.
My first trip in Turkey in 1977, built my house in Finike in 1992, opened my fish restaurant in the harbour in 2000 and, last step, joined, this forum this morning.
I am living now mainly in Paris and partly in Finike but next year mainly in Finike and partly in Paris, and shall open a little "butik otel" in the orange grove from next april.
Shall try to be useful to this forum if I can.


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Welcome Geroll to the best Forum around
i'm sure you'll agree when youv'e browsed
the many threads and posts how well Mushtaq
has set it up, i would be lost without it

Welcome again



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Geroll, I went to Fineke to watch the solar eclipse and spent the day in the town. Seems nice enough with cheap housing. I didn't know about the orange link, but there were a lot on sale along the roadside, which explains that.
Welcome to the forum.

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Hi Geroll,

Welcome to the forum. Finike sounds lovely. I am a fish lover and I like the sound of a little otel in the orange groves - will put it on me "places to visit" list :)


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Welcome to the Forum, your new venture sounds like a fun one. Let us know how it progresses, would love to visit that part of Turkey, we have driven thru several times on our way to antalya, now we will have to make an effort to stop and visit your butik hotel.....
Good luckl!


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Hello Geroll and welcome to TLF,

what is your restaurant called ?

We often pass through Finike on the way from Kalkan where we have our house to Anamur, where we had our honeymoon.

I think Finike will be much more developed in the next 5 years, great coastline



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Hello Linda
restaurant's name is Deniz Reis, located in the fishermen harbour of Finike (not inside the marina) but everyone in Finike knows it as the "boat restaurant". We shall probably close this week waiting for the end of ramazan. Witing for you with a grilled grida.
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Hi Geroll and welcome,
just looked at your site and the place looks great.
we have a place in Gundogan and we love the Turkish comunity and may soon be looking for pastures new so might look into your area lol
paul & emma

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