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Welcome to the Forum Chrissy, A Kelly & Elaine.

Alot to browse through on here and alot
of usefull information.

It would be nice to know a little about yourselves

Sit back, enjoy and why not join in.

Madturkishcow usually welcomes all newcomers
with a charm only she can possess.

Jen are you still in bed :dooh:

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New Member Chrissy
No Andy :lol:
JCR can confirm I was sat at my keyboard by 8.20am Turkish time.....I went to market with my new friend to buy my plants for the garden :crazy: So tomoz is digging a hole and planting them turkish style :der: well I had planned for a veggie patch, but whilst walking through the garden yesterday I noticed that my resident mad woman appears to have stuck something in all the decent places :27: so my area is now a lot less :kafa: Yes, I could cheerful whack her with the dead chicken I found stuck up a tree this afternoon (what the hell she thinks will happen to it up there I have no idea, especially as the two strays have been playing tag with it!) but I thought ' ahhh Jen girl,she's not much longer for this world, so let and let live'. Just help yourself to whatever is growing in your garden and when she complains, pretend you do not understand :lol:
A very warm welcome to CHRÄ°SSY & A.KELLY. As Andy as already done the honours it just leaves me to saunter over to the bar and pour your free Efes. Enjoy :lol:


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