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New injection that 'cuts heart attack damage by more than half'
The devastating effects of a heart attack or stroke could be reduced by more than half by a simple injection, a new study suggests.

British-based scientists are developing a treatment they say could reduce physical scarring of the heart and brain by more than 60 per cent.

The research has been tested on mice and other mammals but has also been tested on human blood in a laboratory.

Researchers hope to begin human trials of the drug, developed at Leicester University, within two years.

Its key ingredient is an antibody, which could be administered up to 12 hours of the attack to stop damage to cells.

Professor Wilhelm Schwaeble, an immunologist who carried out the work, said the findings had the potential to be the ‘biggest breakthrough ever’ in treating victims of the two biggest killers in Britain.

It could also be used to stop the body attacking organ transplants.

‘This is potentially the biggest breakthrough in the treatment of heart attacks and strokes ever,’ Prof Wilhelm told a national newspaper.

‘We could not believe what we saw and nor could the cardiologists. What is amazing is that the drug can be given so long after the attack.

‘Even the slowest ambulance journey in the world is going to get you to hospital within nine hours.’

Strokes and heart attacks are caused by a clot or a bleed which blocking the blood flow, causing other parts of the body to be starved of oxygen.

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New injection that 'cuts heart attack damage by more than half'
if it is proved to be effective that is indeed wonderful.
Since its still just at the animal stage of experiments..apart from from human blood..then there is still a long way to go as what is effective in animals doesnt always follow to work well in humans

Although it wll be great if it is proved to work and eventually becomes standard treatment.
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