New Flight Security Measures
For flights from Turkey and ME, see latest from TC issued in last hour.

You may have seen on the news recently that the UK government have put new security measures in place on flights from Turkey and Egypt to the UK. This means some electronic devices are not allowed in your hand luggage and you’ll need to pack them in your hold bags. For further information about these restrictions please check out our website Travel Updates.

The measures also mean that spare power sources or batteries can no longer be carried in either the hold or as hand baggage and any such items will be confiscated at check-in.

We would ask that you do not carry these items to avoid disappointment when you arrive for your flights from these destinations as they will not be permitted on board.

Kind regards

Operations Team


New Flight Security Measures
Hadn't realised chargers are not allowed
So it effectively rules out taking any device-if you cannot recharge it


New Flight Security Measures
the latest update on their site was issued on 4th April, do you have another link Kanga ?



This was an email from TC which I copied and posted same day. It only relates to RETURN TO UK from Turkey and ME like Egypt.
Ordinary chargers no problem but any kind of battery pack is out. There were pictures on the email but they didn't copy across. I can forward the email if you want to PM your address.

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