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New Dolmus Route Serving Kaya Koy
The Kayakoyu Muhtarligi has started a new route running directly between Kaya and Fethiye using the mountain road.

The dolmus currently leaves Fethiye for Kaya at 0900, 1330 and 1830 daily.

It leaves Kaya for Fethiye at 0730, 1100 and 1530.

The fare is 3 TL eachway.

The main departure point in Fethiye is from the Tea Garden / Cay Bahce on Carsi Cad. To reach it, go to the big white mosque in Fethiye where the Oludeniz dolmuses terminate. Walk up the hill to the T-junction and turn right. The Tea Garden is about 100 metres along on the left-hand side of the road.

The service will run more frequently during the tourism season.

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