New developments for touristic residence permit
Has anyone else seen the info below from YellAlli?
Can anyone please decipher this, sorry I can't make head nor tail of what is being proposed. Also is this only for Istanbul?? - Thanks

New developments for touristic residence permit granted by Istanbul immigration Office.
25th May 2018

The immigration Office will no longer renew the touristic residence permit. Immigration office state that there will be no need for the renewing touristic residence permit since given time (1 year or 6 months) for the residence permit is sufficient for the touristic purpose.
This has been enforced across smaller cities in Turkey. Therefore Istanbul immigration office adopted this opinion and they will only renew the property residence permit and family residence permit.

In addition to this the immigration office require some additional document for first time residency applications.

such as:

• In the event applicant rent a house; notarized rent agreement with photocopy of the title deed, numbering document obtained from municipality, detailed title deed registry,
• Criminal record obtained from applicant’s country (it must be apostilled),
• Criminal record obtained from Turkey,
• Information and document regarding to purpose of residence permit (it was optional however for new applications immigration office requires it)
• Health report shows that the applicant has no disease threats the public health obtained from general hospital.
• Last six month bank account record of the applicant.
New developments for touristic residence permit
I have just received this too. Here in the TRNC we have to do the health check, but there seem's to be a lot of new stuff for first time residency permits. xx


New developments for touristic residence permit
I've already posted this on the 'foreign employees' thread as I think this is linked to the yellali info.Basically it seems they are saying that you either have a e-visa for 90 days or you must have a full residency permit for long term stay, and they wont give a 1yr permit for tourism purposes any more.
My guess is they have probably been abused by unregistered workers.
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New developments for touristic residence permit
Yes, I have just read on the Fethiye residency facebook ( or something like that) page that it is directed towards illegal workers from poorer countries working in Istanbul. Apparently nothing for us to worry about. xx


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New developments for touristic residence permit
This does only apply to Istanbul & there are two discrepancies in the article.
Renewals [if given] are for 5 months duration,not 6 ,this stops the holder from applying for a job.
Secondly,there is no grounds as yet to believe that this extends to any other city/town or anywhere else than Istanbul.
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New developments for touristic residence permit

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