New Altinkum Marketplace website now updated!
Hi everyone! I started up the Altinkum Marketplace website for people with an interest in Altinkum a couple of months ago and got lots of nice feedback off members (so thank you for that!) but I have been trying to add new facilities to make it easier to use. They tend to be on the small and subtle side so I was wondering what everyone thinks?

The changes I've made have been:
Adding an email subscription newsletter so users get an update when a new ad comes online: Email Subscription Page
Adding a Latest! page so users can see what the most recent ads are immediately: Latest!
Adding a site feed so Site feed users can subscribe
Getting rid of the web host's adverts (it cost a little money but as the website grew, they kept adding more so they were getting intrusive)
Adding shortcuts to the top of the Business directory so people can easily see what types of business are on the site and go directly down to what they want: Business Directory
Adding a search engine to the website - unfortunately it doesn't seach THIS site because it doesn't have its own domain name but it can still help users find things they might be looking for :)
Adding a link to Tulumba, a company specialising in shipping Turkish goods abroad and also offering mail order services to people living in Turkey

Now I know the email subscription has been popular because lots of people have subscribed :) but I'd love more feedback on what I can do to make this website better so it can continue to grow and serve Altinkum visitors and residents better.

Thanks in advance!
New Altinkum Marketplace website now updated!
Thanks Sharon, that's really nice of you!

I got your details and I've uploaded your ad; it will be published to one and all in the next edition of the newsletter but if anyone wants a sneak preview, they can take a look here:

If anyone else is interested in putting an ad in Altinkum Marketplace, it's free for private users and there are regular subscribers and visitors to the site as well as new visitors all the time so you will get plenty of publicity!
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New Altinkum Marketplace website now updated!
Hi Laura, just seen the ad, and it looks good, lets hope it brings in some enquiries, as we fly out in a couple of days for 5 weeks, and can show people round,


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New Altinkum Marketplace website now updated!
nice site,anything you can find with altinkum in ,is intresting.
New Altinkum Marketplace website now updated!
Thanks for your comments, guys. It's actually lots of fun doing this site, hope its as helpful for everyone else as it is enjoyable for me :)

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