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I am a new member, so I guess I had better do the new member bit and introduce myself.

I am Jon, I own a 3 bedroom Duplex in Altinkum and have owned it for a couple of years now.

Unfortunately I do not get over there very often due to the demands of my business, but then again the fruits of the business bought the place so I should not complain!!

So anyway, I spend nearly all but a couple of weeks a year in Bournemouth where I live, and occasionally get out to Altinkum for a week or two once a year. Although eventually the plan will be to spend much more time in Turkey and much less time in England, until one day the place in Bournemouth will be the holiday home and the place in Turkey will become home!

Anyway, hope to talk to you all soon!



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New Altinkum - Bournemouth member
Welcome to the forum, Jon. You will find it very addictive and eventually you might be spending 48 weeks of the year on here ..................................!!!!!


New Altinkum - Bournemouth member
Hello and welcome.

Lovelley place Bournemouth.
I used to live in Basingstoke years ago and many a time we would head off for the day to Bournemouth and the New Forest.

Enjoy your time here and If we can help you in any way just ask.

Hugs Maggie xxxx


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:roundgrin Hi Jon and a warm welcome to the forum, enjoy :roundgrin

I sincerely hope you get your other situation with your apartment probs sorted, I am sure it is so frustrating and hard to take with you not being in Tinky more, I think you received good info from Carol hope you get all sorted, take care and good wishes to get a happy conclusion:D


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New Altinkum - Bournemouth member
Hi Jon, welcome to TLF. That sounds a good plan, hope it works out for you.
Regards, Carol x

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