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Naughty IKEA
I bet they do this all over the world.
Ikea has been ordered by a French court to pay a €1m (£861,000) fine for spying on its staff, after the world’s biggest furniture retailer was found guilty of improperly gathering and storing data on its employees.


Naughty IKEA
Even naughtier IKEA ..... illegally sourced wood from our dwindling ( or kindling) European Forests Romania , Ukraine.

Investigation: Thousands of trees illegally felled to build IKEA’s flat pack empire​

They’re the largest manufacturer, buyer and retailer of wood on the planet.

IKEA’s factories consume more than 20 million cubic meters of wood a year.

That works out as roughly one tree every second.

The company tells consumers that the wood in its products comes from sustainable forests.

Ikea using illegally sourced wood from Ukraine, campaigners say​


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