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Natural Pesticides
Man made products on pest control is just one big headache for the human population .Over the many decades that have past,we have been depended on these products by clever marketing ploys,without showing the sinister side to these products.Manmade products are harmful to humans and nature,even though they say on the tin to warrant their product that it is safe, if used correctly.l will never agree with this.

Just think about it each time you have spent a little fortune on these products,they will only cause harm to you and others around you,by inhaling or consuming the poison by accident.When pesticides are sprayed,very small particles are dispersed throught the enviourment that keeps us healthy and then inhaled,causing illnesses that are related to these manmade products.
Rememder the spraying of the d.d.t in the fields,many have fallen ill and with the wildlife diminishing.l never forget in the seventies when l was driving along on a busy road with my window open inhaling a concoction of this horrible pesticide that made me fill faint and later in the day l was severly sick.Have you also noticed the increase in cancer in the western world.This is one of the main causes of cancer related illnesses.Pesticides do not do the job they are suppose to do.
There are alternatives that are 100% safe and it is free and also if we give it time.this alternative pesticide will establish itself and keep the pest at bay.Nature can provide all the pesticides we need to keep the pest at bay.

A good example on how biological methods are more effective then the manmade products,is how the predators will kill off these pests without any danger to humans and the enviourment.

Take a colony of ants for example,they are a growing menace throughout the world due to the diminishing population of the ants enemies.
Here are some natural methods to use.Sprinkle some talcum powder where the ants are appearing in numbers with cayenne pepper or other peppery stuff.Then watch them retreat.lf that fails try squeezing some lemon juice in the area and leave the peeling at the entrance.They shouldn’t come back by rights.But just try it.

Does anyone have cockroaches scuttling around the cupboards.There is a free and easy solution in getting rid of them,without the use of the exterminators that will break your bank balance.
.Try this method.The key in destroying the cockroach is to block the entry where they are coming from.Fill all the cracks,holes etc,sprinkle borax around where they appear and they should either starve to death or retreat away from the borax and find somewhere else to breed.Borax is a natural substance of crystallized salts.

Does anyone know of anymore of nature's effective ways of keeping the bugs at bay.


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Natural Pesticides
Good stuff Bob and I like to read of natural methods of control and I will pass on the ant info to a friend. It is worth remembering though that natural does not automatically mean harmless.

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