Natacha Atlas
I’m not sure if any body knows Natacha Atlas, or if this is anybody's cup of tea but she’s singing at the Bablyon Alacati club near Izmir tonight (1st of August).


She’s actually British. Born in France to a British mother and an Arabic father, but she started off as a belly dancer/singer in the Turkish and Arabic nightclubs in Northern Europe before becoming a big star in many Arabic countries. I’m not sure how popular she is in Turkey but she often sings there and has performed with a number of Turkish artists.

Here’s a couple of her songs:

[ame=]YouTube - Natacha Atlas - Mon Amie La Rose[/ame]

This one is from the soundtrack to the film Brick Lane

[ame=]YouTube - MVHY Riad Laksiba Morocco Natacha Atlas[/ame]

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