Nadine in disguise
nasıl = how ?
Nasıl mean how and is used in differents ways, here some examples

Nasıl bunu yapıyor ? How do you do this ?

The most known expression is :
nasılsın are you or nasılsınız in a more polite way
the standard answer to this is :
iyiyim, teşekkürler, sen nasılsın ? (I'm fine, thank you, how are you)

another one :
what kind of ?
nasıl bir kitap ? = what kind of book
nasıl bir araba ? = what kind of car ?

And then there is also :
derslerin nasıl gidiyor ? How are your lessons going
evliliğin nasıl gidiyor ? How is your marriage going ?
-the answer to that can be "kötü" (bad) or "iyi" (good) :heh:


nasıl = how ?
Hi Nadine

Can you explain why -how becomes what - as in nasilsin 'how are you' and nasil araba 'what kind of car'. Im finding this very difficult lol.

Also, could I ask you if you would do the alphabet for us please?


Nadine in disguise
nasıl = how ?
Hi Carol,
I made a different thread for the Alphabet, however, I copied it from another site

As for nasıl meaning "how" and then meaning "what"...... I don't think there is much to explain about it, it is just the way it is in that kind of sentence, and just in that kind of sentence


nasıl = how ?
Nasilsin is Nasil plus sin. The sin refers to 'you' so, it is asking how are you.


nasıl = how ?
Just a small hint.. Usually, people drop/omit "l" when pronouncing Nasıl.. So, you often hear it "Nası." As OP said, it usually means "How" and sometimes, it is also used for "What kind" as OP said in "Nasil bir kitap? = What kind of book?"
If you hear "Nasıl yani?", she/he is saying actually "What do you mean? or Explain clearly."

PS: by the way, this is not known by most of Turkey Turks, but, some Middle Asia Turks and Gagauz Turks of Moldovia know.. Origin of this word Nasıl is Neşi, Ne-iş.. It is like in this example: "How (What) work does this machine work?" Bu makina nasıl/neşi çalışır? (If your way passes Gagauzia of Moldovia, there, you'll say Neşi (as we too say in our village here in central anatolia) instead of Nasıl.

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