naming rights - open to offers
in view of the latest craze of selling naming rights to buildings, i have decided to sell the naming rights to my house. It is just off the main cork - kinsale road. If you are quick you can catch a glimpse of it up the hill, between the trees. As the Aviva stadium went for 40 million euro, i would accept a figure somewhere around this mark. the winning bid will get the right to name my house, with whatever title they choose, with-in reason. i will not accept names such as "who ate all the pies" or " home for the crimminally insane" etc. the winning bid will also recieve a free photo of the house along with next doors cat, who thinks she lives with me. the winning name will be written on a piece of paper, placed in the window, where it can be spotted by the postman {provided it dosen,t blow away}
bids and suggested names plus any bribes, can be addressed to me.


Just passing through
naming rights - open to offers
I think you should name it 'Blinking House'

Because the last time I went past it I must have blinked and missed it, found the pub down the road without any problems though.
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