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My son
Many of you have asked after my son – Greg The Sausage King – who has now relocated in Ankara, he has not deserted any of his friends or customers as he is often back in this area. This is not an advertisement for him just general information and I think an interesting story as to how someone with drive and initiative can get on in Turkey.
He has been busy arranging the opening of his Deli and restaurant and is currently renovating and equipping Ankara's first real Deli which will offer many goods hard to find in Turkey. Of course there will be a restaurant, which will offer a summer garden with seating and relaxation aimed at the family market.
Deli goodies will also be offered on a home delivery service to most parts of Turkey.
He is plannng to open the restaurant and Deli on the 7th June with an invite only affair on the 6th June.
I have to say that we are very proud of him, he has kept within the Turkish law, has a legal company and is employing Turkish staff. Well done Greg, make a fortune and keep me in the style that I would like to become accustomed to.



My son
GREAT that he is doing well and is happy !!
Good luck Greg
Also it was lovely to have your company the other day Jill - Colin & ? - sorry I forget
names very quickly !

Ms Who

aka Kym Ciftci
My son
Good for Greg :) He was very generous when he came to the WIT open day and there were queues for his spicy sausage baps (that will set Terry off no doubt!). Wishing him all the luck in the world.
My son
Good luck to Greg in his new venture - can you post details of deli products and how to get home delivery please.
My son
Nice to have some more news of Greg.. and lucky Ankara
Give him my very best wishes..
and you are absolutely right..make him keep you in style.


My son
What a coincidence. I was checking out one of the embassy's websites yesterday and wondered whether Greg had started his new business in Ankara's embassy belt. I wish him the very best of luck.


ex Bond Girl
My son
Thank you all for your kind wishes, I shall send them on to Greg, I know he will be thrilled. He has now got an excellent supplier of pork in Turkey so onwards and upwards with the sausages and bacon.


Going to get Thinner
My son
I don't think they call me JEANNIE for nothing cos i was going to ask where he was the other day, what a coincidence!!!!!!!!
Glad he's doing well,

Jeannie :3:


Nadine in disguise
My son
You can be proud of your son rosewall,
I do wish him all the best, it is great that he made a business here and is employing Turkish people and stuff like that
I once met him shortly as he was sitting on the terrace of Dejazar's wine bar in Kusadasi when he was still doing the catering there
I think he speaks Turkish rather well, doesn't he ?

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