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My New????????
I don't know if this will work but here goes!!!!!
Went to see my new puppy to day, it's a Border Terrier, he's only 4 weeks old so , not getting him for another 4 weeks Boo Hoo! I have decided to call him OLLIE, well the youngest daughter has. I think he is soo cute. His picture is in the members galleries if this doesn't work.

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I Love Kleopatra Beach !
My New????????
Aww what a cutey . I want to cuddle him !! There so funny at that age sleeping together in a heap all over each other . and barking weak yaps ha Ha Love it
Hope you all have a very long and happy life together Thanks for shareing pic ...Diane


My New????????
just pmd you.

found some more info for you.

"The first breed Champions were made up at Ayr on the same day in 1921 – Tommy Lawrence’s Ch. Teri and William Barton’s Ch. Liddesdale Bess. Many modern Borders descend from Willie Barton’s bitch line through Adam Forster’s Finery, the paternal granddam of Ch. Future Fame who is in most pedigrees. Tinker also came from Willie Barton’s bitch line. The winner of three Challenge Certificates (CC’s), he was not a Champion because two of these came from the same judge.

Adam Forster was my great grandfather,

"Ch. Future Fame who is in most pedigrees"

our family used the double F name quite often (F for Forster), Future Fame, Fine Fettle etc,

Champion ranter was also one of our family dogs.

The Famous Triumvirate.

Adam Forster, Wattie Irving, and John Renton were each a pillar of the breed, holding positions of importance in the Border Terrier Club, and each producing Champion after Champion. None of them had an affix. Adam Forster and his family produced such famous dogs as Coquetdale Vic, the sires Revenge and Rival, Ch. Ranter and the famous FF line including Ch. Future Fame. Wattie Irving’s kennel included Ch. Station Masher and Am. Ch. Brieryhill Gertrude and Ch. Bright Light. John Renton’s kennel housed the litter sisters Ch. Tod Hunter and Ch. Happy Mood, Ch. Rona Rye and Ch. Happy Day among others

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