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my Hair and the husband
The time has come for me to decide what I should do with my hair. At the moment it is three times as long as normal and being very thick (The hair) a cut is due but what colour. My natural colour was mid brown, now white in front, salt and pepper in places and the rest is brown. Normally I have a colour and HIghlights but this time I am thinking of just having highlights.
"What shall I do" I asked the husband, "how should I know" said he. So as per normal it was going to be my choice but then he said "you are never happy whatever they do" is this true, do us ladies come out of the hairdressers and tweek here and there etc.


my Hair and the husband
Yes Rosewall - tweak would be an understatement - I am always mortified!!


Going to get Thinner
my Hair and the husband
You just reminded me to phone the hairdressers.
What a dissapointment!!!. Go to the same place all the time, have tried different girls and the last few times have a great girl doing my hair, never "tweeked" or touched it when i came out. Well when i phoned up there just now and asked for her, yeh, youv'e guessed it, she's left Aghhhhhhhh. Now i will have to try someone else.



my Hair and the husband
Best thing to do is not to look in a mirror afterwards.

Works for me everytime!:hehe:


The Carnwath Massive
my Hair and the husband
I cut mine down to the wood with the clippers this morning, it was free ! I didnt need to know any gossip ! and it was finished in 10 minutes !

you ladies have far too many choices !



my Hair and the husband
Tweak is an understatement for me. In UK I never had a blow dry, always a wet cut and drove home to dry it myself. Having naturally think curly hair which I like to wear in a straight bob, it is difficult for even the most gifted hairdresser to tame my hair!!! Only once have I been to a hairdresser in Turkey and of course had to have cut and blow dry - I came out looking like Amy Winehouse!!!


my Hair and the husband
OH GO ON Jill, you wanna go blonde, you know you do......and get it cut like I used to wear it...spiked........where are you going these days? you know men never notice...and besides..the root is yours, it will grow back..............
good a pic when you have it done.....


my Hair and the husband
POST PICS! so u can get advice depending on your look and what will suit you...


I've cliqued
my Hair and the husband
Nah, you all need to come to my hairdresser. Lovely young lad who always does exactly what I want. I've introduced several of my friends to the salon he works in and they are all happy with what he does. We never need to tweak when we come away from there.

Sunny Seasider

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my Hair and the husband
Keep it lovely and long Jill, my hubby always says to me when off I go, "you're only having a trim aren't you?" Tho' I'm one of the lucky girls, never used straightners I have naturally straight hair, but a good tip my hairdresser gave me eons ago, sleep with you hair tied loosely in a scrunchie and it works every time, I don't wake up looking like I've had a scare, lol

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