My first post
Hello folks!

My first post, so please excuse the length / depth of it as I’ve been storing these issues at the back of my mind while I’ve been lurking on this forum for the past six months.

My visit background:
Came to Alanya 4 years ago for honeymoon to my now wife’s apartment. Loved it and been back 10 times since (with her!). First few trips, we ate out pretty much every meal. Now we spend time as part of our routine getting supplies from Migros / Kipa / Metro. We also know our apartment neighbours much better (more on that later). Now that our (each of our) kids are in uni, we can spend more time in Alanya and for longer.

My business:
Internet-based consultancy. Phone and email service.
I’ve sussed the telephony:
I leave my all-singing, all dancing UK smart phone on charge back in London.
I divert this to a sim. This has a 0044 7XXX XXX XXX format.
I take the TravelTalk sim in an unburstable £10 Nokia brick that I’ve owned for ten years now to Turkey.

OK, so the customer calls me on the mobile number on my website. My UK phone diverts to the Nokia Brick in my pocket in Alanya. I pay nothing to receive and the enquirer or customer doesn’t know that I’m in Turkey because he/she hears a UK ringtone.

When I dial out from traveltalk sim, it cost me 25p per minute. I top it up by PayPal.
Yes, I know that Skype is 15p per min, but I’m not gonna take no laptop and headset to the beach, the mountains, shopping, gym, etc.

So, all in all, I got the telephony sussed on the cheap.

Now, to high-quality broadband that I can run a business from:

I’ve read the thread “Broadband access in Mahmutlar” and decided that I, too, will buy a Turkcell dongle. That’s 69TL. The apartment management company inform me that fibre-optic cable is coming, but it could be a year. That means two years in real life.

Here are my questions:

1. 69TL 5 months a year is a lot of money. How much does it cost to get a broadband and fixed line phone package wired permanently into the apartment? Turkcell or whoever? Anybody got one?

2. Anybody know who will rent me a car for a longer-time, say a 3-month contract at a goodly discount? I’ve looked at the cost of second-hand cars and they’re just silly.

3. I start climbing the walls if I don’t eat curry every few days. A few trips ago, I went to a UK Indian shop and got all the necessary spices to start cooking in Alanya.

Smells wafted and our Norwegian / Swedish / Danish / Russian neighbours knocked on my door.

Neigbours: “Khello, I am Swen Pedersen (or Peder Swensson) from apartment A6. and what is thees khevenly aroma?”
Me: “Carry, innit, direct from the East End mate”
Neighbours: “Oh! Where is these East End place? You khev address? I drive there now. I cam back, then you tich me.”

Me: “Bit far to drive. Never mind. Come in. Eat”

Phone calls are made. More neighbours turn up to watch, most come with wine.
Tables are laid. Everyone contributes plates, serving bowls and cutlery.
I end up doing food for 70 people in the open space by the pool.
A few trips later, we got so many return invitations that we didn't dine out one single evening in 8 days.
Pfft! Maybe the Israelis and Arabs should make curry in Palestine.

4 weekly curry nights later, the neighbours bring a Turkish restaurant owner in. He wants me to 'tich' him. I get chatting. Turns out he pays TL 110,000 annual rent on Ataturk Blv opposite Kleo beach for his 60-seater. I was shocked cos that’s London rates. How do they make money? The food is cheap, so it must be the booze paying the bills.

Now I start to think: Hell, I’m not doing much. The internet consultancy biz can take a back seat. Why don’t I just open up for myself? I done it enough years in the UK. Left because I hated the traditional regimented servility of the 80’s style curry house, but Alanya’s a lot more informal.

Questions to you:

Who out of you lot eat curry?
Who of you lot comes to Alanya in the winter?
My Turkish lawyer says I need a Turkish business partner. Uh oh. I hate partnerships. This scares me.
Who of you lot has a Turkish business partner?

Again, apologies for such a long post.
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My first post
great post

welcome to the forum
you don't need a Turkish business partner neither do you need to be a Turkish citizen to invest in business here but you must hire Turkish labour..and you cant work in the business yourself.....of course you can get around that doesn't take much imagination.
However if you don't speak the language and don't understand the way things work there's a lot of pitfalls so i would think hard about this..and there are now so many people thinking along the same lines in and around İndian cuisine ..
your other query long term car hire i can sort that out for you if you send me a pm.

there are a lot of foreigners living all year round in Alanya..if you take in Avsallar and all the way down to Demirtaş.
good luck

ps Jez in Eden bar in oba does really good curry


in my own clique
My first post
excellent post , and welcome to the forum SubmarineWasher.nice change from people joining here and not introducing themselves..which happens frequently here ....


My first post
Thanks for the tip about Traveltalk sim, I just bought one, used to have Sim4travel, which works the same way but that has now closed down.

For the curry lovers, you can buy small packs of sealed spices for authentic Indian meals with an attached recipe from Spice'n'tice, they have a website, the advantage being that the spices are enough for a meal for four and stay fresh until you need them. I rarely see root ginger in Turkey though so take ginger paste too.

Good luck with your venture.
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My first post
Decided to ditch it. My current spouse reminded me that I've worked long and hard for the past 20 years to become semi-retired and going into such a big project fraught with responsiblity would effectively kill off the LMPDC (laptop, mobile phone, debit card) life that we have now come to deservedly enjoy

She's right. I think I'll stick to social entertaining only with my remuneration being all those bottles and smiles the recipients bring with them.

Will go see Jez next trip. Hope (s)he does stout, too.

Will send pm re car. But I need to pick it up in Antalya.

Hijo, thanks. Hope to post more. The next one will be controversial though.

Bruce, Rasoi (a UK company) do ginger paste, garlic paste or ginger & garlic paste. It's the biz! It's on my list for the next suitcase. The rest of them, I combine my own. Got meself a lovely mortar and pestle and also an electric grinder from Migros.


My first post
To be honest I am more intrigued my your choice of name, over the years we had many varied names but there must be some reason you plumped for SubmarineWasher.
My first post
Hi BruceK..fresh ginger is now available all over the place..even Kipa have it was something that i always moaned about not being available
it make such a difference i love it.
My first post
To be honest I am more intrigued my your choice of name, over the years we had many varied names but there must be some reason you plumped for SubmarineWasher.

Well bickern, the etymology and reasoning is as follows:

Submarines don't actually need washing.
So I just sit by the pool from 11am to 7pm daily, a bit merry.
Then at 7, I shower, shave then go out.
Good job to have?

Sunny Seasider

Life is so precious
My first post
Well bickern, the etymology and reasoning is as follows:

Submarines don't actually need washing.
So I just sit by the pool from 11am to 7pm daily, a bit merry.
Then at 7, I shower, shave then go out.
Good job to have?

Sounds a great job to have, live, eat, drink, sleep, start over again. :cheers: and welcome, I love spontaneous folk.
My first post
I'm coming in September!
Been invited to the wedding of a couple who live on our compound.
Retired very senior Norwegian copper marrying retired nurse.

Er...wonder how he bought 14 apartments in the block?

Maybe I'll go dressed as Serpico, hahahha!

During this trip:

1. I gonna mosey on down to Oba to Eden bar for a lamb jalfrezi and 2 John Smiths.

2. Then I gonna go to Viking for dessert and to thank Shirleyann, a most helpful lady about the car hire.

See y'all soon.


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My first post
Nice post and welcome to the forum submarinewasher!

I’ve sent you a PM.
My first post
hi sub not shirleyann from the Viking
confusing i know
Shırleyann...who hasnt got a dot on her i ... has tried to change her name after joining but for some reason hasnt been able to.. and so i often get orders for xmas dinner etc......good job we know each other

youve made a wise decision about the restaurant ..we had one once 1999 and lasted until the iraq war before going under...its not an easy ride..not worth all the hassle if you dont need it.
My first post
Hi and welcome.

"The next one will be controversial though"

I have a feeling things are going to get just a bit more lively on here!

I don't contribute much but love some of the more heated long as they don't get personal.

I am sure you are going to enjoy the forum Sub Wash.

My first post
@ Shirleyanntr :
Thanks for pointing that out. Your namesake may not appreciate some crazy guy barging in offering to buy her drinks in a most unbecomingly over-familiar fashion.

@Andrew & Mary:
Controversial post is coming soon (No, I aint gonna suggest we all join a live-in religious cult and give away all our worldly possessions).

Post more then! C'mon, let's get the party going...

@ SunnySeasider:
I like your signature. But the same may be said about ex-spouses.
And STDs, for that matter!
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