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According to what the BBC is saying today, it is next to impossible to get any payment for having to isolate. Even the payment that they are saying has been in effect since the first lockdown. They are saying now that the rumours in the papers today are just that - rumours. Boris is going to 'address' us later today. Be interesting to see what he has to say.

Yes, working as a carer can be precarious. Mark has a client for two days in a week, but the rest of days the client has someone else. Then of course he is somewhere else for the remainder of the week. The first lockdown severely curtailed his income. As (in most of his clients) the parents could not go to work, then they did not need carer support. Of course, this could bring him into contact with the virus through people he does not even know! This is where the current instructions about having a test falls down. Mark has not had any symptoms, but he could obviously be a carrier.

At the vaccination, they give you a leaflet which details the possible side effects. They did tell me about headaches but, fortunately, that did not happen. Just a sore arm. I suppose they have to be quite careful in what they tell you. Basically because not everyone has side effects. It is like reading a leaflet with medication, which tells you that one of the side effects is what you are taking it for in the first place!

The Covid test is quite uncomfortable, but the place I went to (a tent affair in the carpark of our local Range store) was being run like a military operation. In my opinion, it would be impossible to get the virus from others there due to the way you were shielded as you were guided around the testing station. Interestingly, one of the questions I was asked at the vaccination was whether I had had a positive Covid test within the last four weeks. Mark said that he and Juliet had the tests at a local drive through testing station. They did not even get out of the car.

Whilst not particularly pleasant, I think it is well worthwhile having the test if you can. It gives peace of mind if nothing else!

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