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Mubarak resigns
the biggest game of "deal or no deal" ever, I am sure he will be well provided for.

Just hope its the best thing for Egypt, the middle East and the world as a whole



Mubarak resigns
Yes lets how it is for the better behind the scenes the military have played a very important role and who knows who else but power to the people in uniting and standing together.


Mubarak resigns
i don't believe, but i hope, that this will bring a better life to Egyptians, but it's nice to see that public got what they wanted -at least for the first step-. And their determination, it was amazing.


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Mubarak resigns
I wish Egypt and it's people good luck for the future, I think it will need it.
I remember 1979, when the Iranian people overthrew the western-backed Shah of Iran and the Iranians were overjoyed, then the Islamic Republic was established.
People must be careful what they wish for, as these things have a habit of coming back and biting ones bum.



Mubarak resigns
I dont think it is a done deal yet for the Egytian people. If Elections are to be in September ,there is not enough time for a credible opposition and leader to emerge. It could end up with Same old, same old, or even worse for peace in the region, a hard line Islamic group . For true democracy ,they need a different constitution . That could take years to develop. I hope it works out for the people.


Mubarak resigns
Us Brits seem to get one useless government after another in the UK, perhaps if we complained and stood up for ourselves like the Egyptians and the French we may get a government that thinks and does what its constituents really want!!

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Mubarak resigns
Egyptians get taste of democracy

Egyptians are deciding on a package of constitutional amendments sponsored by the ruling military in what promises to be their first taste of a free vote in decades.
The nationwide referendum is the first major test of the country's transition to democracy after a popular uprising overthrew President Hosni Mubarak's authoritarian rule on February 11.
Voters in the referendum will be asked to cast ballots to say Yes or No to the entire package of nine changes.
A Yes vote would allow parliamentary and presidential elections to be held this year.
A No vote could force the military to extend the six-month deadline it has set for the handover of power to an elected civilian government.
About half of Egypt's 80 million people are eligible voters and the military, in a bid to get the vote out, has decreed that they would be allowed to cast their ballots at any polling centre in the country with their national ID cards - issued to those 18 and older - as the only required proof of identity.
Egyptian elections have for decades been defined by widespread fraud designed to ensure victory for the regime.
Lack of faith in the process, along with violence and intimidation, have kept most voters away. But the trust in the system appears to have come back. Saturday's lines outside polling centres, some of which formed before polling began at 8am, had not been seen before.
The constitutional amendments drawn up by a panel of military-appointed legal scholars are intended to bring just enough change to the current constitution - which the military suspended after coming to power - to ensure that forthcoming presidential and parliamentary elections are free and fair.
They would open the elections to independent and opposition candidates and restore full judicial supervision of votes, a measure seen as key to preventing fraud.

Egyptians get taste of democracy - World news, News - Belfasttelegraph.co.uk

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Mubarak resigns
I really hope this works out well for the Egyptian population. It's surely going to take a long time as I don't understand how a country that has been headed by a dictatorship for so long, can actually adapt to a democracy and everything that that entails?
There's not even a basic framework in place for democratic government, the greater majority of the African countries have never known democracy. Hopefully this will be a good move forward but Nothing is so good that it lasts eternally!

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