msn hotmail help
i just tried logging on my msn at 4pm today and it said someone has been trying to enter my msn they enter wrong info too many times and now they froze my account and try later.... even now- its 2am- and its still frozen. i entered the secret password postcode everything but it is saying someone has entered wrong info too many times.
anyone any idea how i can get on?


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msn hotmail help
You need to contact MSN direct and let them know, this happened a while ago to my daughter's account, one of her 'friends' hacked into her account and sent nasty emails to everyone on her contact list. MSN were very good and sorted it all out for us, good luck.
msn hotmail help
hey how can you contact msn direct? i managed to find a email validation form about my account so hopefully they can send me a new password. can you remember what you did?


msn hotmail help
No idea about being locked out of an account but be very careful the page you are logging into is a valid one. You can get dummy pages that will ask for your login and you will try every login you have. In the background there will be a script capturing all your logins and passwords.


msn hotmail help
looks as if though someone has hacked into your account! make any new enemies latley?

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