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MS Outlook

I have MS Office 2007 Pro, and I am having a problem using Outlook in Turkey.
This is the full version and not Outlook Express.

I have used Outlook for many years without problems, but, since I have arrived in Turkey I cannot send email via Ouklook, although I can receive OK.

I suspect that the outgoing port no 25 is being blocked by Turkish Telecom.

As I do not have an account yet with Turkish Telecom, I cannot ask them for assistance.

Is anyone sucessfully sending email via Outlook, and , if so, what outgoing port number are they using?

I did post this recently, in other threads, but no successful reply.




MS Outlook
I have the same problem, can receive but not send using Outlook... "relaying not allowed". I can manage using Virgins Webmail service but it is a pain.

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