mri meeting about royal heights
I wouldn't waste your time...aparently they will tell you all sorts like 'Turkey's market has gone flat, Artev quality is poor, facilities and monorail will unlikely be finished etc. This is all lies and untrue as I was at RH last weekend and was impressed with the apartment finishes and materials used. The facilities are still under construction but the monorail was operational on Sunday!
It's just a ploy to get people to pull out and re-invest in Bulgaria where it seems the properties are being built guessed it, MRI construction.
Apparently Artev have fallen out with MRI over certain issues and MRI were banned from the site at RH hence the 'bad blood' and slagging going on.
You are better off dealing with Artev direct and I have found them very helpful.
Wouldn't waste your time going to the meeting and I have pics of RH in Gallery which is starting to look great.


mri meeting about royal heights
I fully agree with Winchman. I met MRI in Dublin some weeks back and was a waste of my time even though the coffee was good!!
Royal heights is looking very well now and I have full confidence in Artev. You only have to look at the other sites that they built and they look well ! I know there were problems with dampness at Flamingo but i think the build at Royal heights is a litttle different so those problems for us are hopefully not a problem. Mri are only trying to get you to buy THEIR properties in Bulgaria and will feed you false information to get you to do this! For me anyways I think Royal heights in the future will be great.
mri meeting about royal heights
thats great opted not to go all sounded fishy to me anyhow. il be at royal height on the 29th of june so hopefully have some pics and info to pass on

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