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MP expense fiddling now law
l don't believe a word of it.The Political system are the biggest crooks the world has ever experienced and we know they are in a world of their own setting rules and laws only in their favour.
l think it is a start only to deceive the people into thinking something is being done for the sole reason of burying the bad news for a while so the people will forget forget how so crooked these leaders are.
Once a crook always a crook.Abolish the houses of fraud and instigate a completely new system that will promote empathy rather then empty promises.
l despise them all


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MP expense fiddling now law
it amazes me that these people who "accounting is not my strong point" or "i flipped my mortgage because the system allowed me to" are able to create the laws that govern the vast majority of honest people in the UK



MP expense fiddling now law
and here is simple old me thinking that it did not need legislation, they already had it.

FRAUD, plain and simple and a criminal offence.

Prosecute for fraud.

But heck what do I know, and as the new legislation was not legislated before they committed FRAUD they obviously did not break the new law neither.

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MP expense fiddling now law
And These Morons Are Running The Country! I Emailed The Labour Party, And Asked If Smoking Was Still Allowed In The Commons Bar, And If So ,WHY, And My Response Was,"We Will Reply To You This Time, But In Future , Do Not Use Offensive Language!. Thank Foooook I'm Outtta Here Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon .So, WHY, Is Offensive? In The Immortal Words Of Homer J Simpson, DOOOOOHHHHHHHH!
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