Moving to Turkey
What are the first thing(s) one (must) do when one moves to Turkey?

Can you guys please list the most important things...


in my own clique
Moving to Turkey
..try and hook up whith someone who has experience .on the ins and outs of turkey..basicly the pitfalls,buying a house ,buying a car,getting on-line..internet/phone, also having a good turkish friend(you can trust) that speaks moderate english..this can be a really big help..i have had the same friend here for 23 years ..and has saved me thousands..also anything your not sure of ..just go into the search engine on this forum ..there is a lot of good honest advice there..:28:


Moving to Turkey
Ditto - rent, find your way, make friends for friendships and neighbourly sake, but trust more the people who are slow to give it, not the first guy who hangs over your shoulders and say ' we are friends' !!!!
Respect .and tolerance
..and watch, learn, read ( here and everywhere)
Don't stick with one group- the first social group you come across...
join activities where there are Turkish people...
normal new place stuff?


Moving to Turkey
The first thing you do is nothing and carry on as it was your country and you will soon pick up do's and don'ts


Moving to Turkey
Don't expect things to be the same as in your home country. Chill, go with the flow and remember, you are the "foreigner" in Turkey ... and most of all enjoy it!!

Don't let the little things "wind you up" - it's different, but there again, that's why you want to be there.

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