Moving to Bodrum

I am new to the forum and have joined because I, my wife and two year old daughter hope to move to Bodrum next spring.

My wife is Turkish, her family are from Izmit, although I personally have not been to Bodrum before. From what i see, Yalikavak looks like a good place to be, although we could end up anywhere on the peninsular.

In the U.K i am a heating engineer, o.k., glorified plumber if you like, but a change of career along with the move would suit me.

I would be grateful if anyone could give any advice on location or work or anything at all for that matter.




Moving to Bodrum
Hi Colin, welcome to the forum, you should find out loads of info. here, it is a mine of information. Hope your move goes well, we have an appartment in Yalikavak and love the place, am sure you would too. Have a good look around for where to live, I know there is a duplex either for sale or rent on our small site in the centre of town, PM me if you want more info. As for work not sure how you would do it, guess you would be OK because your wife is Turkish, does work the other way around, if you have a Turkish husband you are allowed to work, someone will put you right on that score. Sure there will be plenty of work for a tradesman like yourself. Good luck.


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Moving to Bodrum
Hi and welcome Colin.

The work issue is a thorny one. Have you got dual nationality? You will find lots of threads about work permits etc if you do a search. Unfortunately jobs for Brits are hard to come by and many decide to set up their own businesses - another subject altogether LOL.

We have lived in Yalikavak and it is our home in our hearts as we are back in the UK indefinitely. Lovely place.
Moving to Bodrum
thanks to both of you, because of my wife and our daughter I can apply for citizenship and passport, so that will make it a lot easier for us i hope.

Hope to visit in December, so will have a look for a place then. Own business is an option - only question is in what business?? lol

thanks again

Moving to Bodrum
Hi Colin
Welcome to the forum.

There was a time that when you married a Turkish national you could immediately apply for citizenship. However the rules have changed.
You now have to reside in Turkey for 3 years before you can apply for citizenship (5 years if not married to a Turksih national) and go through all the hoops that everyone else has to. Before it was very easy.

Unless the rules have changed AGAIN!

Regarding work, it does not matter whether you are married to a Turk (male or female) you still require a work permit, unless you have citizenship.

Soo x


Moving to Bodrum
Good luck colin!
We have a house in yalikavak and really like it there.

Although we love datca now more as its more authentic.
I hope we will move also one day, but its a hard decision!
Moving to Bodrum
Thanks Rainbow.

I had reaad on the Turkish Consulate site that because we have a two year old daughter I am eligible. Marriage alone is not enough. I am going to check into it more thoroughly though.


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