Moving back to UK
Hi to everyone
Sadly we may have to move back to the UK soon for various reasons, and wondered if anyone had any advice regarding transporting a few items of belongings back; were there any problems, who gave good reliable and inexpensive service etc?
We would be grateful for any help, also so we can make tentative enquiries just in case.
Thanks Derek :noidea:
Moving back to UK
Sorry to hear that you may have to leave. If you don't have any furniture I would take my belongings back by excess luggage with BA. Thats how we moved our stuff out here in 20 suitcases and no problem whatsoever with customs at Antalya. BA charge £28 per excess bag and in the cabin you can take one piece of hand luggage plus either a handbag or laptop. All details of luggage allowance are on the BA website.

Moving back to UK
Thanks Sue, we wouldn't expect to take too much, maybe we should see which airlines would be cheapest from Dalaman, BA I'm not sure about to manchester......more homework
thanks again


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Moving back to UK
This isn't specifically an answer to your question scousesailor, but it may help with what you might want to think about in preparation for returning.




Moving back to UK
have you thought about putting everything on the boat and paying someone to sail/motor it back to UK

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