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Motorcyclng to Turkey
If I ride my motorcycle to Turkey, does the same rule apply as it does to Motor Cars?

Also, If I bought a Motorcycle in Turkey, could I drive it back to the uk.

I am UK resident and only have a 90 day multiple entry visa.

Thanks for any advice



Motorcyclng to Turkey
Question 1 Yes.

Question 2 yes you can but I think that you would have to pay some kind of Tax as Turkey are not in the EU.



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Motorcyclng to Turkey
1. Yes

2. You need to check this one carefully, because on another forum someone was stopped from taking their vehicle out of Turkey as they only had a visa. Apparently, you must have a Residence Permit to take a Turkish registered vehicle out of Turkey now.

Also, the 6 month rule also applies to foreign owned vehicles in the UK.
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