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Motobike touring in turkey
Hello dear friends.
I'm planning to come to turkey for a bike trip.
The prefferd kind of bike i wanna get is a MZ-301 or equivelent.
how much a bike of this kind should cost and how is easy it will be to obtain one in istanbul area?
thanks a lot/


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Motobike touring in turkey
LOL...maybe a great bike but I wouldn't want to travel very far on it, maybe great for back roads. I can feel the pain

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Motobike touring in turkey
solid metal!
the bike looks goods, sounds good and never fails!

Thats what the East Germans said about their Trabants. Then when the wall came down and they drove VW's and Merc's they changed their minds ;)


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Motobike touring in turkey
The bike looks good, sounds good, a 2 stroke single, very poor grip, rubbish suspension, think again, tyres difficult to get. In Turkish heat i would go for a four stroke single any day.



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Motobike touring in turkey
An interesting article in Today's Zaman about the state of trunk roads in Turkey.

Turkey revamps roads and builds new highways

There certainly seems to be a huge amount of new work recently completed or currently in progress in the North and North-East.

Even Municipalities like Fethiye are making a great effort to improve the "driving experience" in the area. Even to the extent that "traffic calming measures" are being reduced in height if they're causing unnecessarily severe braking or damage to vehicles on certain roads.
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