Cars, minibus, 123.90TL
Bigger commercials 165.20TL
But remember that doesnt include exhaust emission tests (usually around 25 or 30TL) and if applicable LPG tests (25TL) which have to be done before the MOT.

Further info at

Akbuk Rob

Whilst we are on the subject, am I right in assuming that fines relating to overdue MOT’s are paid at the Maliye (Tax Office)?

I know the fine is currently 5% of the outstanding test fee per month, but is this cumulative, i.e. does one get hit for 5% of the 5% levied in the proceeding month and so on?

Is there an on-line method of paying as there is for traffic fines and road tax?

Here’s the scenario:-
I have a scooter, when it’s 3 years old it will require MOT, nearest test centre Soke. Am I going to ride it all the way to Soke to get it tested? No way. Do I hire a man & van to take it? Possible.

So I asked some Turkish friends “what do locals do?” “just pay the fines” was the answer.
I am considering my options. :hmm: Anyone know the answers please?


Completely Chillaxed
It depends on whether you get stopped by the Jandarma / Polis. If stopped by them, you'll get a fixed penalty which has to be paid at a state bank and then you have to present the receipt at the Maliye when you next pay your tax otherwise they'll make you pay the fine a second time.

Have you got a Trafik Burasi / Traffic Office near you ? If you have you can take the scooter to them and they'll do all the paper and legwork for a reasonable fee.

Akbuk Rob

Hi KKOB. I think you are referring to the fine if you get stopped and cannot show a valid MOT, that fine is currently 61 TL for a car (discount if paid promptly) don’t know if it’s the same for a bike. The fine I was referring to is for not renewing visa (MOT) by the due date.

No we don’t have a Trafik Burasi in Akbuk, the paperwork is not the problem, physically getting the scooter to a test station is and that applies to everyone with scooters & mopeds in our area, cars you can just drive there but it’s a brave person who would risk the main Soke road on a little machine.

Didn’t know about showing receipts for fines when you renew your road tax though, will have to bear that in mind for the future.

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