More black churches burning in America
All of us should sort our own backyards out before looking into others.
If these "events" in America had gone on in a country that was not on the Wests good guys list, there would be uproar.

No, not a terrorist attack in my opinion, down right racist & has been going on there for years.


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More black churches burning in America
Fire officials said they did not know whether the blaze was started intentionally at the Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal, near the town of Greeleyville, or if it was the result of a heavy lightning storm that passed over the area around the same time.

So if the officials do not know the cause of the start why are people insinuating or saying it was another racial attack?

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“Je suis l'humanité.”
More black churches burning in America
I was amazed where the worshippers and family of this church found the forgivness in their heart for this boy ,after he gunned down 9 black worshippers whilst they were taking bible class .I don't think I could do the same if a family member was killed in such a way.

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Families of South Carolina church massacre victims offer forgiveness

Families of South Carolina church massacre victims offer forgiveness


"May God have mercy on your soul," said Felicia Sanders, whose 26-year-old son, Tywanza Sanders, was the youngest person to die in Wednesday's rampage. "You have killed some of the most beautiful people that I know. Every fibre in my body hurts."

, family members offered words of mercy during the brief court appearance.

"I acknowledge that I am very angry," said Bethane Middleton Brown, who said her slain sister, Middleton Doctor, would have urged love.

"She taught me that we are the family that love built," Middleton Brown said. "We have no room for hating, so we have to forgive."

After the shooting, Roof made a "racially inflammatory" statement to one of the three people who survived the attack, according to court papers filed on Friday

Roof looked down occasionally and showed no emotion as Sanders and four other family members of the gunshot victims spoke of how he had been welcomed into to the church by the nine people he has been charged with slaying on Wednesday night.

The attack at the church nicknamed "Mother Emanuel" for its key role in African-American history followed a wave of protests across the United States in recent months over police killings and excessive force against unarmed black men, focussing attention on race relations and bias in the criminal justice system.
More black churches burning in America
The problem is that there is no universal definition of terrorism
I happen to learn from an iranian friend of mine that the European and American governments have proscribed an anti iranian regime organisation simply because at the time they wanted to go to bed with the mullahs
And who is paying for those stupid policies now ?
The tourists in Tunisia and other innocent people all over the world. Yet we get mr Cameron to come on the telly and give us a load of old garbage about how he wants to fight terrorism. Makes me shiver. I was going to say laugh but, clearly for those who lost their loved ones this is not a laughing matter

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