Recycled Teenager
A few summers ago a gentleman and his wife were touring Merry Old England.
While in the countryside they came upon an old medieval monastery.
A sign in the front announced that they had a restaurant inside specializing in Fish and Chips.
Being in Merry Old England they decided to partake in the advertised Fish
and Chips special.
Upon entering the quaint old building they were met by two monks that were
most courteous and after a few minutes of chit-chat as to where they were
from and how they liked England, they were seated.
After several minutes wait, they were eating the most scrumptious Fish and
Chips they had EVER tasted!
Many, many accolades were heaped on the monks that served them on how
fantastic the food was.
The monks disappeared and in a minute or two they returned with two other
brothers wearing white aprons.
One monk pointed to the two wearing the aprons and said, "These two
brothers are responsible for your meal."
The man pointed to one and asked, "Are you the fish friar?"
No, sir," retorted the brother, "I'm the chip monk".

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