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Travelled to Izmir last week with Sunworld on a Monarch Airline carrier. Never again! Flight out, there was was two hours of a delay. Why? The first two passengers who had checked in didn't board. All the luggage had to be taken off to find their bags - that took over an hour In the meantime a guy sitting in front of us had a physical row with his girlfriend and having gotten up to abuse the stewards for the delayat least three times finally stormed off the plane! The missing pair then made their way onto the plane to the usual noisy slow handclap. Behind us were a party of females who had spent the hour drinking their duty free Mickey Finns until cabin confiscated them -too late . To say they were raucous would be an understatement, with inevitable results - more fights! Another fight in front of us when the girlfriend of the missing guy went after him and the rather large gentleman on the outside complained vicioulsy and was immediatly involved with a guy in the row in front again -who was travelling with the fighting couple. Eventually they second missing couple returned and we took off. All this occurring in seats that were so tightly packed together that had there been a real incident or accident no one could have gotten out! Anybody else travelled with Monarch ? For me never again!


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Monarch Airlines
You can't blame Monarch for much of what you describe. Perhaps it says more about the type of people low-budget deals attract.



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Monarch Airlines
Have to agree with Ian. Not the airlines fault. As for the seats being packed together, I don't think anybody can be worse for this than Thomas Cook.


Monarch Airlines
no, Monarch have the smallest (shortest) seat pitch. Even my five foot two wife was cramped when we flew with them from Spain.

Never again!


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Monarch Airlines
Latest seat pitch figures (January 2009)

Mytravel 28"
First Choice 28-29"
Monarch 28-29"
Easyjet 29"
Thomascook 30" (short haul)
Turkish Airways 32"
Cyprus Turkish 32"

UK regulations give the minimum seat pitch as 26" !!!!!!! don't know how anyone would fit into that.
Monarch Airlines
Obviously the incidents are not Monarch's fault, so blaming the airline is out of order.

As far as seat pitches are concerned, the My Travel planes are now part of the Thomas Cook fleet so many of TC planes will be 28" seat pitch and not 30".


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Monarch Airlines
I did read that a dog is not allowed to travel by air in a space as small as is allowed for people.

If only the weather in summer in the UK was better.



Monarch Airlines
No way Thomas Cook seats are 30"pitch.
I have battered knees to prove that!!
And by the way - why is it that the bar going across the seat pocket in front always digs in at knee level?
Surely they can come up with a better design.


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